About UngInfo Vestfold

Youth Information Centre primarely for youth between 13-25 years. The main purpose of its establishment was the growing need amongst young people for information about issues such as education, accomodation, health care, travel, tourism and job search. UngInfo strives to ensure that the information provided is reliable, accurate and easy to understand. All our services are free of charge and is offered in an informal manner in a relaxed environment. We are part of the municipality of Tønsberg, and established in partnership VBUR who represents several NGOs in Vestfold County.

We opened in our new office in 2014. This new office also contains the municipality youth office whith youth clubs, outreach workers, cultural youth activities, and a regional board of NGOs.
For more information about Youth Information characteristics go to this site.

Open Wednesday&Thursday from 12:30 - 19:00. Tuesdag&Friday 12:30 - 15:30. Monday closed.
During summer and school hollidays we have limited opening hours.

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For more information or contact.
Office phone: 40914333
E-mail: post@ungivestfold.no

Manager: Sandra Hjertås, +47 409 17 460, sandra.hjertas@tonsberg.kommune.no 

We are also a sending organization for EVS, with the the Europeean Unions Youth In Action program.

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